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Graduate School in Economics





  • DECERF Benoît – UNamur
  • MANIQUET Francois – UCLouvain
Academies involved
  • UCLouvain
  • ULB
  • UNamur
Scientific objectives

The doctoral school in Economics of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is based on a tradition of interuniversity cooperation between the UCL, the ULB and the FUNDP, in partnership with the KULeuven. This cooperation consists in pooling doctoral courses offered by the various universities. It should be noted that Economics has the particularity of having very well-developed doctoral programmes in the field of doctoral courses ex cathedra (in addition to more advanced research seminars), which allow doctoral students to have rapid access to cutting-edge knowledge in their field of research. This, however, represents significant 'fixed costs', which lead to a concentration of training centres around the world - with some 20 American programmes producing many doctors every year - but also, gradually, in Europe: in addition to major scale places like the London School of Economics or Toulouse, there is a consolidation of doctoral efforts between institutions, for example in Paris, Barcelona or Stockholm. This is in addition to the European doctoral mobility networks such as EDP or ENTER (to which UCL and ULB are respectively associated). The gradual concentration of training in economics makes cooperation between Belgian French-speaking institutions more and more necessary. The theme school concept of the F.R.S.-FNRS accelerates this process. Indeed, the size and quality of this thematic doctoral school are comparable to those of the major European institutions:   

  • Over 110 doctoral theses have been produced since the year 2000.
  • Around thirty advanced doctoral courses are offered (that is to say, in addition to the courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and exonometrics in the Research Master’s Degree Programme which will be premiminary courses to those of the thematic doctoral school). As in the main foreign doctoral programmes, all these courses are ex cathedra and in English.
  • The volume of our international publications, if taken together for the institutions concerned, easily places us in the European Top 5.

PhD students therefore have access to broad expertise, further enhanced by:

  • 8 weekly research seminars (at the ULB and UCL, there are 3 to 4 weekly seminars, at the FUNDP, 1 weekly seminar);
  • a Summer School organised regularly at the UCL (by the CORE);
  • a collaboration with a Flemish partner, the KUL (other partnerships in Flanders could be envisaged);
  • The presence of the UCL and ULB in the best doctoral mobility networks in Europe.

One objective of the thematic doctoral school will be to strengthen the interaction between doctoral students, for example by organising an annual ‘jamboree’ devoted to doctoral presentations (on the EDP or ENTER model), and by intensifying the policy of inviting foreign researchers and the Summer School activities.

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