Congratulations to Veerle Rots, Senior Researcher at the TraceoLab of the University of Liege, winner of the prestigious Prix Francqui 2022 in Human Sciences!


📺 Find out more about his and TraceoLab's work in a recent episode of Z-Science! ➡ 

🏆 This award is given to her for her pioneering analysis of prehistoric stone tools. For years, the FNRS Senior Research Fellow has worked to understand human life through the traces preserved on these tools.

⛏ Her research opens the door to the mysterious world of 250,000 years ago and demonstrates that the Neanderthal was far more resourceful than previously thought. What's more, it seems he may not have been all that different from early modern humans.

In her research laboratory, TraceoLab ULiege, Veerle Rots has developed the largest collection of coins in the world and has also set up a solid analytical framework. This detailed analytical model is internationally recognized and is used by many young scientists.

💬 "It is a very great honor to win this prestigious Science Award and to be recognized for my work. It is by far the most important recognition you can get in Belgium as a researcher. To receive it as an archaeologist and prehistorian is a very special step in my career. There are also plans to extend this research to even more diverse materials and even more archaeological sites," said Veerle Rots.

(c) Danny Gys - FNRS