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Urban Europe

“ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity Sino-European call” (JPI Urban Europe-China call)

Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS) – Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles eligibility criteria 

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals (centralized submission): 12 April 2022, 14:00 CET.

Deadline for e-space submission (F.R.S.-FNRS obligation): 19 April 2022, 14:00 CET


Project duration

The maximum amount of requested funding per project is 200.000 EUR for a total period of three years. If the project involves the recruitment of a PhD student, the project duration of the F.R.S.-FNRS sub-project could be up to four years.

Eligibility rules

All eligibility rules and criteria can be found in the PINT-MULTI regulations. This call is NOT co-funded (See article III.6). 

Forms to be submitted

Applicants to F.R.S.-FNRS funding must provide basic administrative data by submitting an administrative application on e-space within 5 working days after the general deadline of the JPI Urban Europe - China call to be eligible. Please select the “PINT-MULTI” funding instrument when creating the administrative application. Proposals invited to the second stage will be able to complete the pre-proposal form and provide information for the full proposal upon validation by the F.R.S.-FNRS.

Non-permissible costs

“Overhead” is not an eligible cost. If the project is selected for funding, these costs will be subject to a separate agreement between the institution of the beneficiary and the F.R.S.-FNRS. 


Please contact one of the persons below if you have questions regarding the above:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Joël Groeneveld, 02 504 92 70
  • Florence Quist, 02 504 93 51

For more info on the call, https://jpi-urbaneurope.eu/calls/era-net-cofund-urban-accessibility-and-connectivity-sino-european-call/

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