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Ecoles doctorales thématiques

Systems, Optimization, Control and Networks (SOCN)



  • DOCHAIN Denis– UCLouvain
  • ABSIL Pierre-Antoine – UCLouvain
  • LATHAUWER Lieven – KULeuven
  • DE MOOR Bart – KULeuven
  • FORTZ Bernard – ULB
  • GLINEUR François – UCLouvain
  • KINNAERT Michel – ULB
  • LOUVEAUX Quentin – ULiège
  • MICHIELS Wim – KULeuven
  • PIPELEERS Goele – KULeuven
  • ROOSE Dirk – KULeuven
  • SARLETTE Alain – UGent
  • SARTENAER Annick – UNamur
  • VANDE WOUWER Alain – UMons  
  • WALDHERR Steffen – KULeuven
  • WINKIN Joseph – UNamur

Our main objective consists in providing a scientific environment of high quality and a wellbalanced graduate-level programme for the Belgian doctoral students in Systems, Optimization, Control and Networks. Several activities will be organized in order to realize these objectives: the graduate school will • provide high level graduate training for our doctoral students • build a network of all Belgian research teams that are active in the area and improve its visibility abroad • organize conferences and workshops in our area of interest • strengthen the links between Belgian teams by co-supervision of doctoral theses • interact with European initiatives such as the Marie Curie exchange and training program • encourage the exchange of students within national and international programs.

Such activities have been organized by the participating teams in the past and have proven to be very beneficial for the doctoral students in this area. 

Scientific reputation of the teams

The participating teams have, on the whole, a very well established scientific reputation in Belgium as well as abroad. The scientific output is impressive and of high quality. Altogether, the group published (or edited) in the last five years more than 10 books, and published more than 1000 international journal papers and international conference papers in proceedings with reading committee. Below is a list of some of twenty of the top journals in our combined areas of research, which are also the journals in which a substantial part of the publications of our group appeared (between parentheses we indicated the Impact Factor). The journals listed with an asterisk are also journals for which one of the members of the group is an associate editor.

SIAM Review (6.118) Management Science (1.934) IEEE Control Systems Magazine (1.803) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (1.755)* Neural Networks (1.736)* IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (1.545)* Informs Journal on Computing (1.522)* Foundations of Computational Mathematics (1.500)* Automatica (1.419)* ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (1.312)* SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (1.231)* SIAM Journal on Optimization (1.213)* SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (1.048)* Mathematics of Operations Research (1.044) Mathematical Programming (1.016)* Numerische Mathematik (1.011)* International Journal of Production Economics (0.879)* European Journal of Operations Research (0.828)* Computational Optimization and Applications (0.815) Systems and Control Letters (0.782)*.

Several of our faculty members serve on editorial boards of journals, international societies and scientific evaluation committees in Belgium and abroad. Our staff has participated in the organization of national and international conferences, and have been invited to deliver plenary talks and mini-courses in premier conferences around the world. They also received in the past several national and international scientific awards. Finally, they participate in several European research and training and mobility networks.

More complete information on the scientific relevance of the teams can be found via the hyperlinks of each participating team :

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