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Strategic basic research

Strategic basic research, the FRFS (specialized fund of the FNRS) and the WEL Research Institute


The WEL Research Institute supports strategic research of excellence within its departments and the translation of disruptive innovations for an impact in health and sustainable transition. 


The WEL Research Institute has two departments:

  • WELBIO (Walloon Excellence in Life Sciences and Biotechnology) which supports excellent strategic basic research in the life sciences with a view to translating discoveries into industrial applications in the health field. See the 37 ongoing WELBIO programmes;


  • WEL-T (Walloon Excellence in Technology), which supports strategic research of excellence in engineering, chemistry and physics with a view to developing breakthrough innovations for industrial applications aimed at sustainable transition. See the 14 current WEL-T programmes.


The WEL Research Institute has the following missions

  1. Stimulate the international presence of Wallonia in the fields of the WEL Research Institute;
  2. To develop an autonomous inter-university structure that creates a stable and stimulating environment for strategic, non-oriented and pre-translational basic research of excellence in the fields of the WEL Research Institute in Wallonia;
  3. To conduct excellent non-oriented and pre-translational strategic basic research activities;
  4. Develop rigorous selection and evaluation processes based on excellence;
  5. To actively contribute to the training of WEL Research Institute researchers;
  6. Develop the technological transfer of the results of the research funded by the WEL Research Institute, with priority given to Wallonia;
  7. Promote collaboration with industry, by ensuring the transfer of technology and knowledge in priority to industry established in Wallonia;
  8. To promote industrial activities in Wallonia in the fields of the WEL Research Institute.



The Fund for Strategic Fundamental Research (FRFS), a specialized fund of the FNRS, finances excellent basic research in these strategic axes. Calls for proposals are administered by FRFS.


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