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International projects

International projects

The significant added value of collaborative research translates into more visible scientific publications, greater scientific impact and the integration of more ambitious projects. This is why the F.R.S.-FNRS wishes to offer a framework conducive to the development of international research. The partnerships developed by our researchers are also the starting point for the preparation of large-scale projects at the European and international levels.


Bilateral research projects – PINT-MULTI

The PINT-Multi allow the financing of complete projects (personnel, equipment, operation, mobility) on the basis of a multilateral project between a researcher of the FWB and those of other partner agencies of the call.

Since 2011, the F.R.S.-FNRS actively participates in international calls in all fields. The vast majority of these calls are issued by European networks, in close collaboration with the European Commission, and are focused on strategic themes or major societal challenges.

All the conditions of eligibility can be found in the regulation PINT-MULTI 


Bilateral research projects – PINT-BILAT-P

The PINT-Bilat-P allow the financing of complete projects (personnel, equipment, operation, mobility) on the basis of a bilateral project between a researcher of the FWB and a researcher of a partner agency of the FNRS.

All the conditions of eligibility can be found in the regulation PINT-BILAT-P


F.R.S.-FNRS Collaborative Research – FRQ (Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Quebec)

In 2016, 2018 and 2021 the F.R.S.-FNRS has launched PINT-Bilat-P calls for bilateral research projects with the Fonds de Recherche du Québec. These calls are part of a desire to develop strategic partnerships.

More info about calls


Weave Initiative

The bottom-up, cross-European initiative called Weave (https://weave-research.net/) was launched in December 2020 by European research funders to support excellent collaborative research projects across borders. By making proposals go through a single review process, Weave aims to simplify the submission and selection procedures of collaborative research proposals that involve researchers from up to three European countries or regions. Weave is implemented through existing, bottom up, funding channels for fundamental research (with the corresponding timelines and conditions) in the participating funding agencies. Therefore, there are no additional restrictions on the thematic focus or subject.


A WEAVE allows the financing of personnel, equipment and operations on the basis of a bi- or trilateral project between one or more researchers of the FWB and those of other partner agencies of the F.R.S-FNRS in the framework of the Weave initiative.

Thus, researchers from the FWB can participate in the calls for projects of the European partner agencies of the F.R.S-FNRS in the framework of the Weave initiative. In this case, if the submitted proposal is selected by the partner agency, the F.R.S.-FNRS will take charge of the budget of the French-speaking Belgian part.

In practice, in 2024, researchers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation can participate in the calls :

All eligibility conditions can be found in the WEAVE regulations.

A Weave information session was held on January 22, 2024. You can find the presentation and Q&A (coming soon) that explains how the F.R.S.-FNRS implements the DFG, FNR, FWO, and SNSF partner calls.

View the recording of the January 22, 2024 Weave briefing.

For submission deadlines, rules, and links to the FNR, DFG SNSF, and FWO websites, see the FNRS call calendar.

For any questions related to these calls, you can contact the FNRS international department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bilateral research projects – PINT-BILAT-M

The bilateral agreements of scientific cooperation with sister institutions throughout the world encourage, through mobility, the emergence of joint projects between universities or research institutes of the Walloon-Brussels Federation and those of the countries concerned. The F.R.S.-FNRS organizes annual bilateral calls with certain sister institutions according to the PINT-BILAT-M regulation in order to finance two or three year research mobility projects. These projects allow the financing of travel, living and operating expenses.

List of bilateral agreements with sister institutions

Procedure: consult the Practical Procedures which specify the submission of applications as well as the deadlines for submitting applications, which vary according to the agreement

Documents: PINT-BILAT-M Regulations

Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Joint financing FNRS – Wallonia Brussels International

The F.R.S.-FNRS collaborates with Wallonie-Bruxelles International and partners abroad in the framework of calls for applications aimed at facilitating the international mobility of researchers. The F.R.S.-FNRS intervenes, alongside WBI, in the financing of these mobility instruments. 



PHC Tournesol

China Scholarship Council (volet recherche)

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Romanian Academy of Sciences






Practical details

Short-term missions in France and FWB

Stays in China as part of doctorates and postdoctorates

Short-term missions in Bulgaria and FWB

Short-term missions in Romania and FWB

Duration of projects

1 year, renewable 1 time

- Long term (1 to 4 years for PhD, 1 year for postdoctorate)

- Short term (1 to 6 months)

1 year, renewable subject to annual evaluation

3 years


Coverage of travel and accommodation expenses (Max 1200€/year per project)

FNRS support for:

- 2 long-term OUT fellowships;

- Short term OUT fellowships. Balance covered by WBI

Coverage of travel and accommodation expenses

Coverage of travel and accommodation expenses


More information on these instruments: https://www.wbi.be/fr/recherche-et-innovation 


WBI Excellence Grants (IN and WORLD)

These grants aim at supporting the mobility of researchers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation abroad, and the reception of foreign researchers in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The F.R.S.-FNRS contributes to the scientific evaluation of the applications.

Each year, different deadlines are proposed in the framework of long-term (1 year with possibility of renewal) and short-term (1 to 3 months) scholarships, namely

  • February 1 for short-term stays between June and September;
  • March 1 for long-term stays;
  • May 1 for short stays between October and January;
  • October 1 for short stays between February and May.

More detailed information on these different funding possibilities, as well as the calls for applications, are available on the Wallonie-Bruxelles International website


ESS Survey

The European Social Survey is a European sociological survey designed to measure behavior and beliefs in a large sample of European households. The survey is carried out simultaneously in all the countries that make up an international consortium under the aegis of City University (London).

The F.R.S.-FNRS has financed the French-speaking Belgian part of the survey since the beginning of the initiative.

The second F.R.S.-FNRS call for proposals, for 2 years' funding, renewable for a further 2 years subject to a favorable opinion from the above-mentioned Interuniversity Committee, opened on May 30 and will close on September 5, 2023. The link to the call documents is at the bottom of this page. Please note that the rules published on 30/05 have been amended, as the Non-Doctoral Scientist and Technician categories are no longer subject to an annual ceiling.

The members of the Interuniversity Monitoring Committee for the ESSurvey project are :

  • Université de Liège : Prof. Jérôme Schoenmaeckers
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles : Prof. Dirk Jacobs
  • Université Catholique de Louvain : Prof. Ester Lucia Rizzi
  • Université de Mons : Prof. Willy Lahaye
  • Université de Namur : Prof. Nathalie Burnay 


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