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Contact the F.R.S.-FNRS administration office

F.R.S.-FNRS Rue d’Egmont 5 - B 1000 Bruxelles

Main switchboard: +32 2 504 92 11 - Fax: +32 2 504 92 92

Secretary General: Dr Ir Véronique Halloin
Assistant: Véronique Pirsoul
veronique.pirsoul@frs-fnrs.be. Tel. +32 2 504 92 04

Research Administration department: Dr Arnaud Goolaerts 
arnaud.goolaerts@frs-fnrs.be. Tel. +32 2 504 93 28

Public Affairs department: Eric Winnen
eric.winnen@frs-fnrs.be. Tel. +32 2 504 92 90

The F.R.S.-FNRS Admin Team is made up of 72 determined and hard-working staff who use their expertise in the service of science and research. The team is made up of administrative personnel, science advisers and the many experts necessary for the selection, and administrative and financial management of researchers and research projects. The F.R.S.-FNRS computer system manages more than 4 500 funding requests, 5 000 expert reports and 2 000 evaluations of committee and science panel members every year.


Press contact, event planning, FNRS.NEWS, the Newsletter, magazine and other promotional tools, websites.

Head: Stéphanie Tuetey - stephanie.tuetey@frs-fnrs.be . Tel: +32 2 504 93 43
Email: communication@frs-fnrs.be  

Contact information
Stéphanie Tuetey Head stephanie.tuetey@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.43
Céline HUSSON Communications officer celine.husson@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.18
Ismaël NIJST Webmaster ismael.nijst@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.08


Managing bodies

Management of the F.R.S.-FNRS Bureaus, Boards and Committees, Associated Funds, the Guidance Committee (COMA) and the Organe de concertation et de négociation sociale (OCN).

Head: Isabelle Boutet - isabelle.boutet@frs-fnrs.be - Tel: +32 2 504 92 60
Email: organes_de_gestion@frs-fnrs.be

Contact information
Isabelle BOUTET Head isabelle.boutet@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.60
Véronique COPPOLA     02/504.93.31


Analysis, Evaluation & Foresight – Observatory of Research and Scientific Careers

Research policy, financing strategy, scientometrics, research and programme evaluation, statistics and monitoring, identification and recruitment of experts, portfolio analysis, investigations of (previous) researchers.

Head: Dr Raphaël Beck - raphael.beck@frs-fnrs.be - Tel : +32 2 504 92 97

Contact information
Raphaël BECK Head raphael.beck@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.97
Jean-Claude KITA   jean-claude.kita@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.58
Audrey SEGERIE   audrey.segerie@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.89
Juliane FARTHOUAT   juliane.farthouat@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.35
Laurène VUILLAUME   laurene.vuillaume@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.62
Sarah ITANI   sarah.itani@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.91
Leslie KABERENGE   leslie.kaberenge@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.83
Marco OGNIBENE   marco.ognibene@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.34
Guillaume HENN   guillaume.henn@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.17
Neda BEBIROGLU   Neda.bebiroglu@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.69
Baptiste DETHIER   baptiste.dethier@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.69
Alizée ORTEGATE   alizee.ortegate@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.95
Camille KELBEL   camille.kelbel@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.96


Incentive grants and projects

Application procedure and award management system:

  • Career as a researcher bourses-mandats@frs-fnrs.be: doctoral grants, post-doctoral incentive grants, research associate positions and career development, Ulysse Incentive Grants for Mobility in Scientific Research, incentive grants for clinicians (part-time).
  • Research funding credits-projets@frs-fnrs.be: research credits, research projects, equipment, incentive grants for scientific research, Télévie projects, large equipment, FRFS-WELBIO, FRFS-WISD, EOS, FRArt, subsidies for scientific publications.

Management of the Scientific Commissions and the FRIA and FRESH panels commissions-jurys@frs-fnrs.be.

Head: Marie-Christine Fraselle - marie-christine.fraselle@frs-fnrs.be . Tel : +32 2 504 92 20

Contact information
bourses-mandats@frs-fnrs.be : candidatures et mandats en cours
credits-projets@frs-fnrs.be : candidatures et projets en cours
Marie-Christine FRASELLE Responsable 02/504.92.20
Fina BELLACOMO   02/504.92.32
Caroline BIRAL   02/504.92.33
Catherine BROHEE   02/504.92.27
Belgin FINAL   02/504.92.22
Xavier FORET   02/504.92.24
Céline HUBERTY   02/504.93.48
Olga LEON   02/504.92.25
Frédérique LESAFFRE   02/504.92.28
Stéphanie LHEUREUX   02/504.92.34
Véronique SWINE   02/504.92.29
Ioana URSU   02/504.92.26
Alexandre HENRY   02/504.92.65
Arthur DECHAMBRE   02/504.92.31
Nolwenn PERON-DORTEL   02/504.92.19

Finances and Staff - RH Researchers and administration

Support for researchers concerning funding and staff issues, including insurance, bequests and funds derived from bequests.

Head: Xavier Hellebaut - xavier.hellebaut@frs-fnrs.be. Tel: +32 2 504 92 50

Contact information
xavier.hellebaut@frs-fnrs.be: Office Email
Xavier HELLEBAUT xavier.hellebaut@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.50
Management of scientific staff remuneration (pay, tax, contracts, pensions, travel costs, accruals, social security)
Sylviane IPPERSIEL sylviane.ippersiel@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.58
Jennifer SZEP jennifer.szep@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.46
Administrative management of science staff
(income and career documents, mutual fund, family benefits, inability to work, maternity and paternity leave, time credits, workplace accidents, unpaid leave, insurance, work permits, marital status changes, etc.)
Julie AMERLYNCK julie.amerlynck@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.55
Christel AMERYCKX christel.ameryckx@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.68
Sophie COMES sophie.comes@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.54
Billing (suppliers)
Sophie COMES sophie.comes@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.54
Accounting and banks
Laurence DELVAUX laurence.delvaux@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.44
Annie KAMWANYA MULOLO annie.kamwanya@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.52
Khalid TALBI khalid.talbi@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.57
Bequests and legacies
Nadine DELVAUX nadine.delvaux@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.51
Supporting documents for the F.R.S.-FNRS and Associated Funds
Mathilde VILLENEUVE mathilde.villeneuve@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.66
Karine PATINIER karine.patinier@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.53
Supporting documents for mobility and conferences
Emmy GILIS emmy.gilis@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.38
Tax waivers for F.R.S.-FNRS or Télévie donations
Micheline DELLYIANNIS micheline.dellyiannis@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.68
Denys LEDENT denys.ledent@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.81
HR admin support
Myriam DAELEMANS myriam.daelemans@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.01



The National Contact Point (NCP) hosted by the Fonds de la recherche scientifique-FNRS informs and guides researchers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation about the funding opportunities offered by the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, in particular: ERC, Marie Skłodowska Curie actions, research infrastructures, the "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" cluster, and the "Widening Participation and Strengthening the ERA" part.

Horizon Europe email : ncp@frs-fnrs.be
Twitter: @NCP_frsFNRS

The NCP unit also acts as EURAXESS bridgehead organization (BHO) and coordinates the network of EURAXESS Services Centres within the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
Contact :

Contact information

  • NCP Coordinator
  • Legal and financial Aspects
  • Culture, creativity and Inclusive Society (including related missions and partnerships)
  • Widening Participation and ERA
natacha.wittorski@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.09
  • Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA)
nadege.ricaud@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.62
  • European Research Council (ERC)
  • Research Infrastructures
mireia.tomas-giner@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.52
Jean-François CHEVALIER IT and statistics jean-francois.chevalier@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.09
Déborah MATTERNE Administrative support deborah.matterne@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.05


Télévie and Fundraising

Head : Caroline Paquay - caroline.paquay@frs-fnrs.be . Tél : +32 2 504 93 44

Contact information
PAQUAY Caroline Head caroline.paquay@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.44
PIRLOT Aurélie   televie@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.41
Chrystelle SACRÉ   televie@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.93.60


Prizes and Endowments

Management of around thirty Scientific Prizes (all disciplines), ten or so Grants and research programmes as well as the ISDT Wernaers Fund (dissemination of knowledge). Relations with Patrons (companies, foundations, individuals).

Head : Bruno Moraux - bruno.moraux@frs-fnrs.be . Tél : +32 2 504 92 40

Contact information
MORAUX Bruno Head bruno.moraux@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.40
HADIM Ismaël   prix@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.42
PAELEMAN Sylvie   prix@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.45


International and Institutional Affairs - Mobility and Congress

International & institutional affairs: Transnational and international projects, agreements with foreign institutions (including in partnership with Wallonie-Bruxelles International), Horizon Europe incentive, representation in international and European scientific organizations, interaction with other Belgian entities in charge of scientific research, strategic and scientific watch at international level.

E mail : international@frs-fnrs.be; incitant-eu@frs-fnrs.be   

Mobility and Congresses : Participation in congresses, short stays abroad, grants for scientific stays. Organization of congresses and scientific meetings. Networks of researchers: contact groups. Scientific missions. Doctoral schools.

E mail : mobilite_congres@frs-fnrs.be; ecoles-doctorales@frs-fnrs.be 

Person in charge : Joël Groeneveld

Contact information


Responsable, Projets bilatéraux et multilatéraux de recherche



Affaires internationales & institutionnelles

Jean-François CHEVALIER


Informatique et statistiques




Appels en partenariat avec Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI)





Projets bilatéraux de mobilité





Florence QUIST

Projets bilatéraux et multilatéraux de recherche






Appel ESS Survey




·      Programmes-cadres de l’UE pour la recherche et l’innovation

·      Incitant Horizon Europe




Mobilité et Congrès


  • Groupes de contact
  • Missions scientifiques
  • Écoles doctorales
  • Mobilité et Congrès :
    • Organisation de réunion scientifique
    • Réunion scientifique (Europe/hors Europe)
    • Séjour à l’étranger (Europe/hors Europe) / Workshop ou cours d’été




  • Mobilité et Congrès :
    • Organisation de réunion scientifique
    • Réunion scientifique (Europe/hors Europe)
    • Séjour à l’étranger (Europe/hors Europe) / Workshop ou cours d’été



  • Mobilité et Congrès :
    • Organisation de réunion scientifique
    • Réunion scientifique (hors Europe)
  • Groupes de contact (Annonce)





Management of the infrastructure and the computer park. Help-desk and developments.

Contact information
Denys LEDENT   denys.ledent@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.81
Antony PANGERL   antony.pangerl@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.85
Ismaël NIJST   ismael.nijst@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.08
Fabian LEBUTTE   fabian.lebutte@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.48



Head : François Corbisier - francois.corbisier@frs-fnrs.be. Tél : +32 2 504 92 30

Contact information
François CORBISIER Responsable francois.corbisier@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.30
Fabian LEBUTTE   fabian.lebutte@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.48
Xavier FORET   xavier.foret@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.24
Thomas MARIMAN   thomas.mariman@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.64
Medhi SEMDANI   medhi.semdani@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.63
Guillaume HENN   guillaume.henn@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.17
Youssef SNOUSSI   youssef.snoussi@frs-fnrs.be  02/504.92.35
Helpdesk e-space


Logistics and Public Contracts


The logistics department is responsible for the smooth running of the F.R.S.-FNRS internal systems, including reception, filing, catering, chauffeur service, cleaning, shipping, building maintenance, purchasing and the IT help-desk.

Head : Véronique Pirsoul - veronique.pirsoul@frs-fnrs.be . Tél : +32 2 504 92 04

Contact information
Véronique PIRSOUL Manager, executive assistant to Ms. Halloin veronique.pirsoul@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.04
Michel BEERNAERT Building, chauffeur michel.beernaert@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.72
Frédéric FIACRE Archives, filing, mail frederic.fiacre@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.39
Eve MBIKOMO NGANGA Catering, meeting rooms cuisine@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.14
Antony PANGERL IT antony.pangerl@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.85
Francisco SANCHEZ-ALVAREZ Procurement, printing francisco.sanchez@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.92.69
Public Contracts
Valérie BOSMANS   valerie.bosmans@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.32
Elsa AKIMANA Juriste elsa.akimana@frs-fnrs.be 02/504.93.93


Gender Contact Person

Function subsidized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation for all subjects related to gender within the Network of Gender Contact Persons and the Women and Science Committee. 

Head : Nadège Ricaud - nadege.ricaud@frs-fnrs.be. Tel : +32 2 504 92 62


Rectors' Council

The Rectors' Council (CRef) is a consultative body that brings together the rectors of the university institutions of the FWB and the Secretary General of the F.R.S.-FNRS.

Website : http://www.cref.be

Contact information


Administrative Manager



Jacqueline KANKINDI

Administrative manager



Guillaume GOBBE




Benoît-Xavier LAMBERT

Gestionnaire de base de données



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