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Help the F.R.S.-FNRS

« The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive »

Albert Einstein.

Please donate to the F.R.S.-FNRS
Research needs your help to continue to progress
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There are several ways to help our research

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Bequests and legacies (help with will drafting)
Nadine DELVAUX - 02/504.92.51
Tax certificates for F.R.S.-FNRS or Télévie donations

Micheline Dellyannis - 02/504.92.68

Online F.R.S.-FNRS or Télévie donations and parrainage.televie.be

Denys Ledent - 02/504.92.73 (IT FNRS & Télévie)
Ismaël Nijst - 02/504.92.08 (IT FNRS & Télévie)

Prizes and patronage
Bruno MORAUX - 02/504.92.40

Private support is in the DNA of the F.R.S.-FNRS

Without private support, the FNRS would never have existed and Belgian research wouldn’t be what it is today. It was following King Albert I’s “Seraing speech” on 1 October 1927 that a fund-raising committee was created and printed the "Appel au pays", a call for funds.
The list of subscribers contains a list of 1239 donations, adding up to a total of 110 million Belgian francs, marking the creation of the funds.
Today, 2.2% of Belgium’s GDP is invested into research through public subsidies. This is not enough. Research needs your help to progress, now more than ever.


Would you like to make a difference?

“We have found that the most affluent people choose research because they feel their contributions have more weight. For example, a researcher can be funded with 100,000 to 4 million Euros a year. Philanthropists therefore really feel like they are having direct impact and can choose to fund a researcher they trust.”

Whether its because they have no heirs, they want to feel useful, or because they want to act like a good citizen, many Belgians set aside a bequest of some kind. Businesses are also committed to making donations. While 75% of funds goes to medical research, all scientific disciplines benefit from fundamental research.

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The FNRS is part of the Testament.be campaign.
Supporting research means investing in the future!


Véronique Halloin, Secretary General of the F.R.S.-FNRS.


Support the research of the FNRS

"The Belgian public does not fully understand that pure science is the necessary precondition for applied science, and that nations which neglect science and scientists are destined to decline." 
Albert I of Belgium, 1st October 1927.

Support the research of the FNRS

"The Belgian public does not fully understand that pure science is the necessary precondition for applied science, and that nations which neglect science and scientists are destined to decline." 
Albert I of Belgium, 1st October 1927.

Soutenez la recherche au FNRS

"Le public ne comprend pas assez chez nous que la science pure est la condition indispensable de la science appliquée et que le sort des nations qui négligent la science et les savants est marqué pour la décadence." 
Albert Ier, le 1er octobre 1927.

Why the FNRS exists and what it does

The fundamental evening! 5 December 2018 in Bozar. Yvon Englert, FNRS President and ULB Chancellor gives a speech: «You are contributing to two important aspects of our society: its progress and, through knowledge, the democratic vision of a society trying to understand the world which surrounds it, to understand how it works and how to make the most of it. ».

The importance 
of research

On 29 May 2018, at the 90th anniversary of the FNRS, Véronique Halloin spoke on the importance of fundamental research to the future of our societies: « Today’s world is a reflection of yesterday’s fundamental research. And the fundamental research which we are undertaking today will incontrovertibly contribute to making the world of tomorrow. ».

Funding research

Jean-Claude Marcourt - Vice-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Media
Pierre-Yves Jeholet - Vice-President and Walloon Minister of the Economy, Industry, Research, Innovation, Digital Technology, Employment and Training
Jannier Haek - CEO of the Belgian National Lottery

The Freedom to Research within the FNRS

Interviews with FNRS researchers on the FNRS and the freedom to research.

In order :

Michaël Gillon - Research Associate ULiège, Anabelle Decottignies - Senior Research Associate UCLouvain, Benoît Desguin - Research Associate UCLouvain, Mickael Randour - Research Associate Umons, Bertrand Bonfond - Research Associate ULiège, Ivan Jureta - Research Associate UNamur, Michaël Herfs - Research Associate ULiège, Ingrid Falque - Research Associate UCLouvain, SM Le Roi, Alexis Darras - Research Fellow ULiège, Eva Trizzullo - Research Fellow ULiège, Martin Delguste - Research Fellow UCLouvain, Marco Martiniello - Research Director ULiège, Hervé Hasquin - Permanent Honorary Secretary of the Royal Academy of Science, Antoinette Rouvroy - Research Associate UNamur, Luca Tomini - Research Associate ULB, François Massonnet - Research Associate UCLouvain, Athena Demertzi - Research Associate ULiège, Andrea Campoleoni - Research Associate Umons, Simon Toscano - Research Associate ULB.

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