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FNRS.awards 2021

The year 2021 was again the occasion for a multitude of researchers to see their work rewarded and their projects financed thanks to the generosity of many patrons.
Scientific prizes, research grants, scholarships, subsidies, ... find here, in pictures, a selection of the funding granted during this year:

Generet Award for Rare Diseases

Rosa Rademakers 

Gagna A. & Ch. Van Heck Prize for Incurable Diseases

Guillaume Canaud

Scientific Award AstraZeneca Foundation - Gene Editing

Esteban Gurzov

Scientific Award AstraZeneca Foundation - Regenerative Medicine

Liesbet Geris

Prize of the Centre d’études Princesse Joséphine-Charlotte for scientific research against viral infections

David Alsteens

BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award - Life & Health Sciences

Yining Xu

Antonella Karlson Prize

Manon Stipulanti

McKinsey & Company Scientific Award

Coraline Radermecker

Bourses belges L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Sciences

Anne Rubbens

Priyanka Priyadarshini

SofinaBoël Fellowships

Hafez Jafari

Wendy Müller

Florence Sterck

Sébastien Vandenitte

Wernaers Fund for research and the diffusion of knowledge

The Wernaers Prize for Scientific Popularisation (only in FR)

Subventions to media that contribute to developing interest in scientific culture (only in FR)
  • Daily Science : « Trésors » - Application pour smartphones et tablettes

  • Centre de Culture Scientifique de l’ULB : « Les pinsons de Darwin » - Scénario multimédia pour une boîte d’immersion multisensorielle

  • Centre National d’Histoire des Sciences : « Les Oublies de l’histoire des Sciences » - Jeu de société

Subventions to media that contribute to developing interest in scientific culture

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