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Reward and encourage research, at all costs!

In addition to its reference activities, financed by public subsidies, the FNRS also supports or rewards scientists from private funding and patronage. Within this framework, the FNRS* (often with its Flemish counterpart, the FWO) works in close collaboration with foundations, companies and even individuals who wish to reward or encourage research.

Scientific Prizes and Grants have thus been gradually created to reward a researcher or a team or with the objective of financing, for a determined period, the research work of a scientist who has been able to demonstrate the excellence of his or her work.

At present, the FNRS organizes, co-organizes, manages or helps to manage some twenty Awards or Fellowships. Prizes are awarded independently of each other, according to the terms and conditions specific to each sponsor.

By launching the first FNRS.awards ceremony in 2019, the FNRS wanted to bring together the actors of these scientific patronage events. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no ceremony, but a celebration all the same through video clips made with the winners.


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