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Prizes for Technological Sciences

Prizes for Technological Sciences

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BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards

Deadline : 18.01.2021

Periodicity : annual

Theme : PhD thesis that presents an original contribution with potential industrial valorization within a 5 years period. Two Awards in the domain of Life & Health Sciences, two Awards in the domain of Science & Technology.  
Nominees : Belgium
Award : 4 x 5.000 €

Documents: Regulations - Recipients (only in FR) - Press release

Antonella Karlson Prize

Deadline: 01.03.2023

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: Doctoral thesis in natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT and applied sciences 
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Thesis defended over the course of the two calendar years preceding the introduction date of the Prize
Award: €5,000

Documents: Regulations (only in FR) - Application form (only in FR) - Press release (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR)

Prize for Applied Chemistry

Next Deadline: 04.04.2022

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: Doctoral thesis on an original study covering new concepts and/or applications in the chemical industry
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Royal Military Academy (Belgium) – maximum of 2 years after the defence of doctoral thesis
Award: €4,000

Documents : Regulations (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR) - Awards ceremony booklet (only in FR)

Nokia Bell Scientific Award

Deadline: 12.04.2023  

Periodicity: annual  

Theme: PhD thesis in the field of information and communication technologies in one of these topics : Fixed and wireless communication, Optical communication, Signal processing, Big data and analytics, Edge and cloud computing, Artificial/augmented intelligence, Software engineering for cyber-physical systems, Artificial Intelligence assisted software development.
Nominees: Belgium
Award: €8,000

Documents : Regulations - Form - Recipients (only in FR)

IBM Innovation Award

Deadline: 1.07.2021 Extension : 4.4.2022

Periodicity: annual  

Theme: Thèse de doctorat apportant une contribution originale aux Sciences de l'Informatique ou à ses applications, dans l’un des domaines suivants : Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Analytics & Big Data, Mobile Computing, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing.
Nominees: (2 Prizes): Belgium - Doctoral thesis - one per Language Community
Award: €5,000

Documents: Regulations - Recipients (only in FR) - Awards ceremony booklet

McKinsey & Company Scientific Award

Deadline: 01.03.2023

Periodicity: annual

Theme: Pertinence sociale et économique ou applicabilité concrète d'une thèse en sciences exactes, sciences appliquées, sciences sociales, économiques ou de gestion, ou sciences biomédicales
Nominees: (2 Prizes): Belgium - Doctoral thesis - one per Language Community
Award: €5,000 

Documents: Regulations (only in FR) - Form (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR) - Awards ceremony booklet

SCK CEN Chair Roger Van Geen

 Deadline: 12.04.2021

Periodicity: biennial  

Theme: Nuclear energy and/or nuclear radiation : both technically oriented research and socio-economic research 
Nominees: Worldwide 
Award: €12,500  

Documents: Regulations - Application form (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR)

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