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Prizes for Technological Sciences

Prizes for Technological Sciences

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Additional Research Credits for Women in Exact and Natural Sciences

Deadline: 07.02.2024

Periodicity: biannual

Theme: Female candidates to a FNRS’ Postdoctoral researcher fellowship (CR fellowship) in the field of Exact and Natural Sciences are eligible to apply to Additional Research Credits (ARC). These ARC come on top of the regular Research Credits attached to the FNRS mandate and follow the same regulation. Candidates will automatically be contacted by the FNRS to check on their willingness to apply.
Award level: FNRS’ Postdoctoral researchers 
Award coverage: Federation Wallonia-Brussels  
Amount: 3 x 20.000 €

BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards

Deadline : 01.02.2023

Periodicity : annual

Theme : PhD thesis that presents an original contribution with potential industrial valorisation within a 5-year period and a cross-disciplinary approach. Two Awards in the domain of Life & Health Sciences, two Awards in the domain of Science & Technology.   
Award level : PhD thesis 
Award coverage : Belgium 
Amount4 x 5.000 €

Documents : Regulations - Recipients (only in FR) - Press release

Antonella Karlson Prize

Deadline: 01.03.2023

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: Doctoral thesis in natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT and applied sciences 
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Thesis defended over the course of the two calendar years preceding the introduction date of the Prize
Award: €5,000

Documents: Regulations (only in FR) - Press release (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR)

Prize for Applied Chemistry

Deadline: 04.04.2022

Periodicity: biennial

Theme: Doctoral thesis on an original study covering new concepts and/or applications in the chemical industry
Nominees: Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Royal Military Academy (Belgium) – maximum of 2 years after the defence of doctoral thesis
Award: €4,000

Documents : Regulations (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR)

Nokia Bell Scientific Award

Deadline: 11.03.2024  

Periodicity: annual  

Theme: PhD thesis in the field of information and communication technologies in one of these topics : Artificial/augmented intelligence ; Artificial Intelligence assisted software development ; Big data and analytics ; Decentralized/Trustless Software Systems ; Edge and cloud computing ; Fixed and wireless communication ; Optical communication ; Signal processing ; Software engineering for cyber-physical systems.
Nominees: Belgium
Award: €8,000

Documents : Regulations - Recipients (only in FR)

McKinsey & Company Scientific Award

Deadline: 04.03.2024

Periodicity: annual

Theme: Societal and economic relevance, or the practical applicability of a doctoral thesis. The doctoral thesis must pertain to one of the following fields : Exact sciences; Applied sciences; Social, economic or management sciences; Biomedical sciences.
Nominees: (2 Prizes): Belgium - Doctoral thesis - one per Language Community
Award: €5,000 

Documents: Regulations (only in FR) - Recipients (only in FR) - Awards ceremony booklet

SCK CEN Chair Roger Van Geen

Deadline: 17.04.2023

Periodicity: biennial  

Theme: Nuclear energy and/or nuclear radiation: both technically oriented research and socio-economic research 
Award level: Postdoctoral level or higher   
Award coverage: Worldwide 
Amount: €12,500  

Documents: Regulations - Recipients (only in FR)

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