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The FNRS has endorsed the DORA declaration.

The DORA declaration or "San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment" (www.sfdora.org) consists of a set of recommendations for good practices in the evaluation of scientific research. For funding agencies such as the FNRS, this means giving less weight in the evaluation to the names (and the Impact Factor) of the scientific reviews. Indeed, the average impact of a review, its level of prestige, or its Impact Factor, for example, do not necessarily predict the quality and the real impact of an article published in it, and peer reviewers often tend to consider the names and Impact Factors of the journals in which a researcher's work is published as indicative of the quality of the work of the researcher in question. 

The FNRS has therefore just signed this declaration. This was an opportunity to make a change in the call for Fellowships and Mandates 2022: the candidates Postdoctoral Researcher and Researcher Associate have been invited to attach to their application file the 5 most representative publications of their career (which until now had to be listed and justified in the scientific part of the application file).

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