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Opening of the call for Infrastructure & Large Equipment 2024

An INFRA-GEQ application allows you to apply for funding for the acquisition of major specialist equipment, the setting up of research infrastructures or the upgrading of existing facilities. Funding of between €300,000 and a maximum of €800,000 can be requested, to be spread over a period of 3 or 6 years, to cover expenditure on equipment as well as certain personnel and operating costs.

Call start and end dates: 21/05/2024 - 26/09/2024


Opening of the Credits and Projects call

The call Credits & Projects which concerns the instruments CDR, PDR, EQP, MIS and IISN is open on e-space this 21/05/2024 and will close on 04/07/2024.

The documents useful for the preparation of your 2023 proposal are available below and a brief description of these instruments is also available here.

Rules and Regulations of the instruments of the Credits and Projects Call


Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2025 : Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems

On the initiative of the Baillet Latour Fund, the prestigious Baillet Latour Biomedical Award will be awarded in 2025 to independent investigators of any nationality in the early phase of their career to conduct biomedical research in Belgium and to consolidate their independent research team and program. 

Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2025 

  • Topic of the call: "Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems".
  • Amount: 1.000.000 € over 5 years.

The research project

  • The research project must be conducted in Belgium and pertain to basic, translational or clinical biomedical research. 

Eligible expenses

  • Eligible expenses encompass personnel costs (excluding the salary of the PI),running costs and equipment. Overhead costs are not eligible. 

Eligible candidates

  • Applicants must hold a PhD degree awarded no more than 12 years prior to the deadline for applications i.e. September 16th, 2012 (possibly extended in case of eligible career breaks).​
  • Applicants must be affiliated to a Belgian University, a Belgian University Hospital or an eligible Belgian Research Institute (see regulations).​

Applicants must be affiliated to their Institution until April 30th, 2030.​​

Call timeline

  • Opening of the call: May 15th, 2024
  • Deadline of the call: September 16th, 2024
  • First Panel meeting: February 2025
  • Second Panel meeting: March 2025
  • Start of the Award: May 1st, 2025​​ 

How to apply

Applications, written in English, must be submitted via the online application system available on www.blba.be by September 16th, 2024 at the latest.

A PDF version of the application form is available here. This document only aims at providing an overview of the different sections. It should not be used to submit an application. 

The complete regulations of the Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2025 are available here.




Scientific Commissions begin!

The FNRS Scientific Commissions are meeting from May 13 to June 7 to evaluate the applications submitted in response to the 2024 Grants and Fellowships call for proposals. 30 commissions divided into : Scientific Commissions - FNRS Doctorates, International Scientific Commissions, Télévie Commission and Commission for Subsidies for Scientific Publications. Funded researchers will start their grant or fellowship on October 1st. Look out for the results after the Board of Directors' meeting on June 25th.


SofinaBoël Fellowships : 6 new laureates !

Congratulations to the 2024 laureates of the SofinaBoël Fellowhips for research and/or training stay abroad sponsored by the the SofinaBoël Fund for Education and Talent via the Fondation Roi Baudoin !

5 of them are from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, including 4 FNRS doctoral researchers !

They are Noémie Parrini, Antoine Gekière and Pierre Mathieu, all FNRS Research Fellows at UMONS, and Chiara Leu, FRIA Doctoral Grant at UCLouvain.

The other two candidates are : Maxime André from UNamur and Febe Vertriest from UGENT.

These 6 PhD students have been selected for their academic excellence, motivation, personality, and enthusiasm. They will have the chance to carry out their research in a foreign university for 6 months.


For more information on the laureates : https://www.frs-fnrs.be/docs/Reglement-et-documents/International/FRS-FNRS_Gustave_Boel_Sofina_Fellowships_Laureats.pdf

The SofinaBoël Fellowships are co-managed by the FNRS and the FWO.


Congratulations to Dr Jingjing Zhu (Institut de Duve -UCLouvain), laureate of the Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2024!

This year's Baillet Latour Biomedical Award goes to Doctor Jingjing Zhu (Institut de Duve - UCLouvain) for her research into the mechanisms of immunosuppression in cancer and the development of innovative new strategies in immunotherapy to improve efficacy.

Jingjing Zhu is a Doctor of Science and in 2013 obtained a PhD in Human Genetics at KU Leuven, Belgium.  She currently heads her own research group in the Immunity and Cancer Department at the Institut de Duve.

The title of the research project to be funded by the Award: “Exploring agonists of the alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonists as a new therapeutic approach for cancer immunotherapy”.

What is it all about?

Cancer immunotherapy boosts the body's immune defenses against cancer, and offers interesting clinical results, but remains limited to a sub-group of cancer patients. The discovery of new therapeutic targets should increase response rates and the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy. Recent research by Jingjing Zhu has highlighted the potent anti-tumor activity of α2-adrenergic receptor agonists  (α2-AR) agonists, formerly used to treat arterial hypertension. These molecules induce immune rejection of tumors, including those resistant to current immunotherapy approaches.

This research project aims to further explore the therapeutic potential of α2-AR receptor agonists. The aim is to identify the immune cells involved in the anti-tumor effect of α2-AR agonists, to explore the impact of these agonists on the tumor microenvironment and to understand their mechanism of action, in particular by studying the signaling pathways potentially involved, such as the cAMP-PKA pathway and the STING pathway.

The results of this research should make it possible to identify new molecules that will eventually enable clinical trials to validate new treatments likely to bring enormous hope to cancer patients for whom immunotherapy is currently ineffective. 

Jingjing Zhu, who was chosen by an international jury from 19 nominations, describes receiving the award as “a great honor”. “It inspires me to strive for excellence in my field. This research sheds light on cancer research. We bring hope to patients waiting for treatment", she declared. For her part, Queen Mathilde underlined the excellent level of medicine and research in Belgium. “The objectives are far from being achieved,” she lamented. “This annual support from the Baillet Latour Fund opens up new perspectives.”


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