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Scientific Awards AstraZeneca Foundation 2022

- Cellular genetic defects in cancer 
- Public health and clinical care 
- Psycho-social vulnerability during the pandemic

The FNRS and the FWO will grant in 2022 the Scientific Awards AstraZeneca Foundation which reward established investigators in 3 different topics in Life & Health Sciences.


Scientific Awards AstraZeneca Foundation

  • These 3 Awards are granted on the initiative of the AstraZeneca Foundation.
  • Amount : 25.000 €/Award. Half of the amount is allocated personally to the laureate, the other half is allocated to the laureate's laboratory. ​
  • Reward established investigators on the basis of their previous work, with a perspective of future development in the same field.

Eligible topics

One Award will be attributed in each of the following topics:

  • Disruptive approaches exploiting cellular genetic defects in cancer.
  • Innovative approaches to promote prevention in public health and clinical care.
  • Psycho-social vulnerability during the pandemic.

Eligibility criteria ​

  • Candidates should be active in the above mentioned fields of research, with both ongoing work related to the focus of the Awards and future prospects.
  • The Awards can only be given to individual scientists from postdoctoral level onwards who are affiliated to a Belgian university or university hospital.
  • Candidates must have been doing research in Belgium in a biomedical context for at least five consecutive years prior to the submission deadline.
  • Candidates must have obtained their PhD degree maximum 15 years before the date of the submission deadline (extended in case of eligible career breaks).
  • Personnel of the AstraZeneca Foundation or affiliated to the AstraZeneca Foundation are not eligible for the Awards.
  • Candidates may not have received an Award for the work submitted with the same amount (or higher) in the last 3 years (prior to the deadline of the call). Candidates can only apply to one AstraZeneca Award.

How to apply?

Applications, written in English, must be sent electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on July 4, 2022 at the latest.

The requested documents are :

  • The application form pertaining to the Award you wish to apply to (see below)
  • A detailled scientific curriculum vitae
  • A list of publications
Application forms


Results of the 2021 Welbio-FRFS (FNRS) call: more than €13 million for 23 new research projects in Life Sciences : Selected applications

The list of grants presented to you is subject to the approval of the Government Commissioner. This reservation will be lifted on May 2, 2022 and the mailings will be sent out that same day.

Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2023 Call for applications

On the initiative of the Baillet Latour Fund, the prestigious Baillet Latour Biomedical Award will be awarded in 2023 to independent investigators of any nationality in the early phase of their career to conduct biomedical research in Belgium and to consolidate their independent research team and program. 

Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2023

  • Topic of the call: "Neurosciences".
  • Amount: 1.000.000 € over 5 years.

The research project

  • The research project must be conducted in Belgium and pertain to basic, translational or clinical biomedical research.

Eligible expenses 

  • Eligible expenses encompass personnel costs (excluding the salary of the PI), running costs and equipment. Overhead costs are not eligible. 

Eligible candidates

  • ​Applicants must hold a PhD degree awarded no more than 12 years prior to the deadline for applications i.e. June 30th 2010 (possibly extended in case of eligible career breaks).
  • Applicants must be affiliated to a Belgian University, a Belgian University Hospital or an eligible Belgian Research Institute (see regulations).
  • Applicants must be affiliated to their Institution until June 30th, 2028.​​

How to apply?

Applications, written in English, must be submitted via the online application systemavailable on www.blba.be by June 30th, 2022 at the latest.
A PDF version of the application form is available here. This document only aims at providing an overview of the different sections. It should not be used to submit an application. 
The complete regulations of the Baillet Latour Biomedical Award 2023 are available here

Publication of the results of the 2021 bilateral call for mobility projects with the "JSPS" (Japan)

More info...

The FNRS has endorsed the DORA declaration.

The DORA declaration or "San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment" (www.sfdora.org) consists of a set of recommendations for good practices in the evaluation of scientific research. For funding agencies such as the FNRS, this means giving less weight in the evaluation to the names (and the Impact Factor) of the scientific reviews. Indeed, the average impact of a review, its level of prestige, or its Impact Factor, for example, do not necessarily predict the quality and the real impact of an article published in it, and peer reviewers often tend to consider the names and Impact Factors of the journals in which a researcher's work is published as indicative of the quality of the work of the researcher in question. 

The FNRS has therefore just signed this declaration. This was an opportunity to make a change in the call for Fellowships and Mandates 2022: the candidates Postdoctoral Researcher and Researcher Associate have been invited to attach to their application file the 5 most representative publications of their career (which until now had to be listed and justified in the scientific part of the application file).

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