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Call for Scientific Missions 2021-2022

Call for Scientific Missions 2021-2022 is open.

The deadline for the submission of applications, via the Rectorate, is Monday, March 1, 2021.

The FNRS recovers €11,456,280 from the federal state.

Since 1997, the FNRS (as well as the FWO and Belspo) had been receiving grants from the Federal Government under a "supplementary researcher" program that allowed it to fund scientists, under certain conditions, to carry out research in federal areas of competence.

(This program no longer exists: it is the "FedTwin" program, created in 2017, which is ongoing and subsidizes sustainable research cooperation between federal scientific institutions and Belgian universities).

During the last 4 years of this "additional researchers" program (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), the FNRS should have benefited from a total subsidy of 11,456,280 € which would have allowed the financing of 238 annual grants for doctoral or post-doctoral students. However, for regulatory and technical reasons, this grant had not been paid until today.

This situation has finally come to a favorable conclusion: indeed, based on the opinion of the Inspection des Finances, Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investments, in charge of scientific policy, decided to free up these means and the payment of this amount to the FNRS has just been made.

This is obviously excellent news for scientific research: the FNRS should be able to use these additional means as early as 2021 to finance more researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral students) in federal scientific fields (cfr www.belspo.be).


Information related to the call for Subsidies for scientific publications 2021

You can now download the resources related to the call via the EN Mini-Guide. Please also consult the Rules (only in FR).

Opening of the call on the F.R.S.-FNRS e-space web application for electronic submission: Monday 11 January 2021.


New scale for FRIA and FRESH Doctoral Grant

The Walloon Government's decree of May 16, 2019 "relating to the granting of a subsidy to the National Fund for Scientific Research, in particular the associated fund FRIA - Fund for Research Training in Industry and Agriculture, so that it can finance researchers in the field of research in industry and agriculture" indicates an increase in the budget allocated to the FRIA intended to align the FRIA scales with those of FNRS Aspirant grantees: "The FNRS-FRIA applies a single scale for Aspirant grantees (ASP) to the researchers financed".

Within the framework of the 2019-20 sectorial negotiation on social programming in education, the Government of the Federation Wallonie Bruxelles has also committed itself to "aligning the amount of FRESH, FRIA and FSR doctoral scholarships of the universities with the amount of the FNRS Aspirant scholarship".

As a consequence, the FRIA Board of Directors decided on December 8, 2020, thanks to the financial support provided in this context by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Walloon Region, to adapt the scale for all new FRIA and FRESH scholarship holders as well as for current and former scholarship holders until September 30, 2020. The application of this revaluation will have to be made with retroactive effect as of October 1, 2019, in accordance with the decree of the French Community and the order of the Walloon Region. This retroactive revaluation will therefore be carried out to the benefit of the scholarship holders, taking into consideration the FNRS Aspirant scale in force during the periods concerned.

The amount of the scholarships is therefore as follows

  • 1st scholarship : 27.836, 40 € (gross annual)
  • 2nd scholarship: 29.158, 56 € (gross annual)

The adjustment of the scale will therefore be effective as of this month of December and the December payment will include the increase for the month of December 2020 as well as the retroactive adjustment for the period between October 1, 2019 and November 30, 2020 (for the Fellows in function at this period) with the Aspirants' scale in force at the periods concerned.


The biennal call FRArt 2021 is open

The Fonds de la Recherche en Art (FRArt) was created in 2018. It is an associated Fund of the F.R.S.-FNRS whose mission is to finance research projects in art conducted by individual or collective artist-researchers, outside of any doctorate, validated by one or more Higher Schools of Arts (ESA).

The biennal Call FRArt 2021 is open (closing Thursday, February 4, 2021). Any artist or artistic collective of any nationality may, in collaboration with one or more ESAs, respond to this call and submit an artistic research project via the instrument Projet de recherche FRArt (PDR-FRArt).

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